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Ørsted Bioenergy & Thermal Power A/S har historisk set været en køber af industrimaskiner, maskiner til produktion og udnyttelse af mekanisk energi og pumper og kompressorer.

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2023-07-14   30.000.000 (Ørsted Bioenergy & Thermal Power A/S)
The Contract is for the delivery of a Sea Water Cooling System to the Contracting Entity for the Project SKV40 New Turbine at Skærbækværket. The Sea Water Cooling System comprises a new approximately 25m long DN2400 pipe connec-tion to an existing DN2800 sub ground sea water cooling pipe and approximately 25000 m3/h sea water for a new turbine plant shall be filtered and pumped in booster pumps before being led to the new SKV40 turbine sea water cooled condenser in the nearby turbine building. The … Se udbuddet »
2018-06-29   Tender for Consultants — RGG Design Manager (Ørsted Bioenergy & Thermal Power A/S)
The project consists of establishing a complete new plant waste management facility. Plant-get is to be established in Scotland and is based on Ørsteds REnescience technology is a technology for pre-treatment of unsorted municipal waste, which can then be included as a raw material for bio-gas production, while plastic, glass and metals can be recycled. The technology uses enzymes in the process where household waste becomes biogas. Se udbuddet »